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Chakra Mists
by Divine Archetypes

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Divine Archetypes has released their renown Chakra Mister line. "Chakra" is Sanskrit for spinning wheels of energy. In short Chakras exist on the outside of the etheric body, and are the points of connection through which energy flows from one being to another. This may explain why we are attracted to each other or why sometimes people just don't connect. Imbalances in the chakras can lead to emotional problems, and endocrine and nervous system disorders. Balance and energize your chakras with these wonderful aromatherapy mists!

"Chakras are like flowers on a stalk, and connect from the front of the body all the way to the back spine; when they are open they are like bells, and you can feel the energy. Even though you may not be able to see the chakras you may be able to feel them with your hand. When there is balance between the chakras, you have maximum vitality, health and body ecstatic. This flowing energy is what makes it possible for us to exist. Chakras open and close according to our emotions; our state of mind affects whether they are glowing bright or blocked. According to a person's level of development, chakras appear in different diameters. As we work on ourselves, acquire discipline, and take time for self-devleopment, our chakras pulsate with light. When our emotions and energy are blocked, they become sluggish and dull.' - Dr. Miller" -- Candice Covington

Use these wonderful and potent Chakra Mists with our Vital Force Crystals for Chakra Cleansing & Protection.

Chakra Spray - Root
2 oz. $30.00


Muladhara: foundation, base (mul - base, adhara - support)- First Chakra.
Primal Element: Earth produces this center. "Spilled on this earth are all the joys of heaven." - Anonymous

Muladhara holds the following gifts:

  • Color - blood red/crimson
  • Being grounded, earth connection
  • Stability, security, a sense of belonging
  • Raw sexuality, body pleasure
  • Body knowledge, instinctual knowing
  • Inner-security and foundation of self
  • Wisely executing earth gifts (i.e. essential oils, crystals, metals/minerals, plant essences)
Shadow issues:
  • Energetically anemic, feeling cut off and isolated
  • Ambivalence towards life, poverty consciousness, substance abuse, or any type of drastic escapism
  • Sex for any type of 'exchange' or to 'feel'
  • Not living in a sustainable way that supports the earth
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Chakra Spray - Sacral
2 oz. $30.00


Svadhishthana: dwelling place of the Self (sva - self or prana, adhisthana - dwelling place). Second Chakra.

Primal Element: Water produces this center.

"You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a thousand miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves." - Mary Oliver

Svadhishthana holds the following gifts:

  • Color - vibrant orange
  • Sensuality, sexual intimacy, giving and receiving pleasure
  • Creativity, unstructured expression
  • Movement, things that wax and wane
  • Healthy emotions and inner child
  • Hidden treasure aspects of self and fluidity
  • Working with dreams and the un/subconscious
Shadow issues:
  • Wounded emotions, keeping secrets
  • Fear of judgement, 'getting in trouble,' or 'being found out'
  • Repressed aspects of self, inability to experience emotional or sexual intimacy, manipulation
  • Nightmares or not being able to remember or interpret dreams

Chakra Spray - Solar Plexus
2 oz. $30.00

Solar Plexus

Manipura: City of Jewels or gems (mani - jewel or gem, pura - dwelling place). Third Chakra.

Primal Element: Fire produces this center.

"He is able who thinks he is able." - Buddha

Manipura holds the following gifts:

  • Color - radiant yellow
  • Personal power, the intellect, opinion
  • Logic, will, direction, leadership
  • Action, authority, integrity, radiance
  • Courage, self-worth, consciousness, and refinement
Shadow issues:
  • Anger, volatility, rage, hatred
  • Ego issues, abuse of power (i.e. domination, misguided force, using fear to control)
  • Feeling superior, "my way is the only way"
  • Perfectionism, rigidity, violence, and feeling weak
  • Having no expression of personal choice

Chakra Spray - Heart
2 oz. $30.00


Anahata: Unstruck heart lotus. Fourth Chakra.

Primal Element: Air produces this center.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung

Anahata holds the following gifts:

  • Color - radiant green and pink
  • All love, including: unconditional, romantic, veneration for the divine, parent/child, nature/pets, non-attached, and universal
  • Fostering forgiveness, resolving conflicts
  • Union with others and Self, transforming the common into the divine
  • Experiencing the divine in Self and others
  • Grace, surrender, compassion and loyalty
  • Genuine concern for others and the desire to foster what is best for them, not oneself
Shadow issues:
  • Not accepting Self, conditional love for Self and others, rejection of the magic and beauty surrounding Self
  • Controlling, fear-based affection, using "affection" to manipulate, not allowing others to change or grow
  • Feeling vulnerable or rejected, not allowing others in or not exposing the 'real Self,' co-dependent relationships
  • Critical, hard to please, exaggerated view of people, either good or bad

Chakra Spray - Throat
2 oz. $30.00


Vishuddha: Pure throat. Fifth Chakra.

Primal Element: Ether produces this center.

"If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it." - William Arthur Ward

Vishuddha holds the following gifts:

  • Color - radiant blue
  • Truth, expression, sound, clarity, "giving voice to"
  • True vocation, self-expression
  • Clarity, wit, improvisation, spontaneity, actively engaged with inner muse
  • Clairaudient, channeling, telepathy, working with subtle energies
  • Understanding the power of words and how they shape and mold our reality
Shadow issues:
  • Using words or sound irresponsibly
  • Not being an active listener, wordiness and "speaking at" someone for conversation
  • Not able to discern truth, feeling muddled and confused
  • Disengaged from inner muse and authentic expression

Chakra Spray - Third Eye
2 oz. $30.00

Third Eye


Mahat Tattva: All of the Elements Combined Sixth Chakra.

The definition of Ajna is "to perceive." It can also mean "to command." Our memories and perceptions influence and shape the events that take place in our lives just as words shape the world. We command our visions to come into reality. The most developed example of the potential of a functioning Ajna chakra is clairvoyant sight, or psychic ability. Individuals who are open are aware of their perceptions and are able to interpret them in a practical way. Nightmares, headaches, and vision trouble are sometimes the result of a closed third eye. Hallucinations and confusion result from over-interpreting regular events and having this chakra open too widely without reasonable foundations. You may use this mister to balance this chakra and bring the gifts forward.

Use this mist with our Trinity Elixir, Cosmic Eye, for a quantum jump in potency and effectiveness.

Chakra Spray - Crown
2 oz. $30.00



Beyond the Elements. Seventh Chakra.

This Chakra symbolises detachment from illusion; an essential vibration in obtaining non-local consciousness and understanding the truth of one is all and all is one. Sahaswara translates to mean thousand-petaled lotus, and is the most subtle chakra in the system, relating to pure consciousness, and it is from this chakra that all the other chakras emanate. When an individual is able to raise their energy up to this point, the state of enlightenment is experienced.

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Chakra Spray Full Set
7 - 2 oz. $210.00


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I got the Air and Earth misters for my daughter-in-law and she loves them! -- Glenda, Nordland, WA

Candice, your misters are performing their own great work deliberately creating space and giving rise to the art of feeling good! -- Nicole, Laguna CA

YES! beautifully crafted and smell so nice. Chakra Misters. -- Kathy, Carlsbad CA

I am a fan of 1-7! I can personally attest to the fact these chakra mists are essential to energizing your chakras. Absolutely divine! -- Libby, Carlsbad CA

I am in love with this spray! This is an oh so powerful blend! I love the scent and it instantly brought me calm. (Primal Elements Earth) -- Maurice, Seattle WA

Working with the energy of Elephant offered to me by your Earth spray has been so powerful. I love it! -- Hope, Portland, OR

I use the Root mister for computer work and focus. I cannot tell you how amazingly clear, balanced and almost "effervescent" I feel after spraying that! As I said before, you have a true gift! -- Deanna, Portland, OR


Candice Covington Candice Covington is a Certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), Healing Arts Master (The Chopra Center), Body & Energy Worker (UCMT), Studied Energy Theory in Bylakuppe, India.

Former instructor at Ashmead College (Ayurvedic Theory & Aromatherapy), Primary Aromatherapist for Chopra Center Events (specializing in esoteric/energy theory).

She is the founder of Divine Archetypes, a company whose products specialize in the energetic properties of essential oils and their metaphysical aspects. Her products and teachings, are based upon the energetic properties of The Five Great Elements, Vibration, and Archetypes, facilitating the practice of "Consciously Crafting Self™"



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