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Tattvas Amulets

by Divine Archetypes

Tulku are the artisans for Tattvas Amulets.
Here's how they're made!

(A film by Lubosh Cech)
Divine Archetypes' Panchatattva Amulet Collection: The Five Great Elements


Each amulet in Divine Archetypes' Panchatattva collection represents a specific element, or tattva, of the Five Great Elements: Akasha (ether/space), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Apas (water), or Prithvi (earth). These amulets are made, according to our design, exclusively for us by Tulku Jewels, and are hand-forged using a metalworking technique called repoussť (or more accurately, repoussage). They are available in gold (24K gold with a copper core), solid silver, and solid copper (call for prices and ordering for silver and copper amulets).

The shape of each amulet is the corresponding tattvic yantra (symbol): Akasha is an oval, Vayu is a circle, Agni is a triangle, Apas is a recumbent crescent moon on a water drop, and Prithvi is a square. On the front of each amulet is the Sanskrit character corresponding to the tattva's mantra: Ham for Akasha, Yam for Vayu, Ram for Agni, Vam for Apas, and Lam for Prithvi. Finally, each amulet is adorned with a gemstone that corresponds to the tattva, both in color and energy.

Ether - Tattvas Amulet
Available in:
24K Gold

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Akasha (Ether/Space)

Fosters: Understanding one's true vocation; total clarity; being clairaudient; channeling; telepathy; working with subtle energies; pure communication (both listing and expression); pure potentiality; infinite creativity; detachment from all soul/emotion-based disturbances; authentic relation with the Divine as intended for you in personal relationship; using words to create your reality.

Balances: Using words irresponsibly; not being an active listener; wordiness and "speaking at" someone for conversation; not being able to discern truth; feeling muddled and confused; disengagement from your inner muse and authentic expression; feeling small or immutable; verbal curses, or sloppy use of words.

Lapis Lazuli for Akasha - The energy of lapis lazuli stimulates the awakening of spiritual gifts and connection to the divine. It teaches one to use the spoken word wisely, and promotes the clearing of energetic disturbances that have manifested due to using words unwisely, or not speaking one's truth. Ultimately this stone helps one contact and tune into one's inner muse, and express this infinitely creative aspect of Self. This stone is also constantly at work refining the grosser aspects of self and gently supporting one in moving towards an enlightened state. [Also see the corresponding Tattvas Oil for Ether].

Air - Tattvas Amulet
Available in:
24K Gold
Vayu (Air)

Fosters: Positive change; relates to the intuitive body; promotes curiosity, learning, and flexibility on all levels; allows the mind to achieve new insights and fresh perspectives. Air is the element of active dreamers-the visualization of what could be. It bridges the mundane and the divine to foster love of all types, including: unconditional love, romantic love, veneration for the divine, parent/child love, love of nature/pets, loving detachment, and universal love. Air also opens one to forgiveness and compassion.

Balances: Attachments (dogmatic, emotional, etc.); a constricted heart-center; holding grudges; inability to give or receive love; dismal view of life; not having personal intuition; not accepting Self; conditional love for Self and others; rejection of the magic and beauty surrounding Self; controlling, fear-based affection, using "affection" to manipulate; not allowing others to change or grow; feeling vulnerable or rejected; not allowing in (or not exposing) the true Self; co-dependent relationships; critical, hard to please, exaggerated view of people, either good or bad.

Amazonite for Vayu - Amazonite heals and opens the heart. It filters information being introduced into your system, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff, and take into your subtle body only that which is wholesome. It allows one to hold two opposing points of view, without judgment, until one reaches a conclusion. In general, this stone is soothing and helps to clear past traumas that affect the heart. [Also see the corresponding Tattvas Oil for Air].

Fire - Tattvas Amulet
Available in:
24K Gold
Agni (Fire)

Fosters: Capacity to initiate projects on every level; passion, enthusiasm, and warmth; transmutation of any situation that does not serve one's highest self; as the element in which form first comes into being, fire supports the birth of personal ego-experiences centered in personal identity; relating to the mental body, the ability to direct personal will, and the need to directly act upon ideas in the physical world; divine masculine, protection, and champion energy; the sensations of bliss, growth, change, increase, and evolution; personal power, the intellect, opinion, logic, will, direction, leadership, authority, integrity, radiance, courage, self-worth, consciousness, and refinement.

Balances: The inability to stand up for oneself, or deal with confrontation, being passive; arrogance; self-centered attitude; feeling superior, being dominating, or believing "my way is the only way;" lack of self control; volatile expression of self; instability; a consuming and devouring force, and being childish; "hot" issues: anger, being quarrelsome and confrontational; ego issues: abuse of power (e.g., domination, misguided force, using fear to control), feeling superior, "my way is the only way," perfectionism, rigidity, violence, feeling weak, having no expression of personal choice.

Red Carnelian for Agni - This stone ushers in the energy of vitality, strength, and motivation. Red carnelian is wonderful for increasing and stabilizing analytical abilities. It helps bring clarity to one's thinking process, and to avoid or overcome fatigue. This stone also protects one from jealousy, anger, resentment, and many other fire-based imbalances, whether they originate internally or externally, ultimately allowing one to transmute this energy into empathy for the human condition. This stone thaws "frozen" states of being, supporting an expressive emotional and sensual nature. [Also see the corresponding Tattvas Oil for Fire].

Water - Tattvas Amulet
Available in:
24K Gold

Apas (Water)

Fosters: The Soul medium; sensuality; intimacy through sexuality; giving and receiving pleasure; the ability to merge with another; creativity; unstructured expression; movement (understanding and working with cycles); rebirth; synchronistic events and grace; healthy emotions and the inner-child; hidden treasure aspects of Self and fluidity within how one relates with the world; working with dreams and the unconscious and subconscious; purification and being cleansed.

Balances: Wounded emotions; being emotionally desolate; relying on external circumstances to feel contentment; keeping secretes; fear of judgment; "getting in trouble," or "being found out;" repressed aspects of self; inability to experience emotional or sexual intimacy; manipulation (either being manipulative or being manipulated); feeling dry, brittle, or scorched on a Soul/emotional level; escapism; nightmares.

Pearl for Apas - Pearl is not for the faint of heart-it brings to the wearer what they need, rather than what they want! This stone is a silent "true prayer" in that it expands one beyond the childish phase of "getting what I want," and asks Spirit, "What do I need for growth?" Pearl also helps one develop a profound emotional IQ, a relationship with the deep unconscious, and perhaps most importantly, a connection to the energy of the Divine Feminine. It delivers up profound teaching dreams, opens one to the flow of life and synchronistic events, and softens hard edges. [Also see the corresponding Tattvas Oil for Water].

Earth - Tattvas Amulet
Available in:
24K Gold
Prithvi (Earth)

Fosters: Stability, security, and being grounded; healing discord in family lineage and DNA; determination, patience, and endurance; practicality; positive parenting; acquisition, increase, creating abundance, and practicing generosity; increasing Devic communication; one's "green thumb;" working with the food-body (i.e. preparing nutritious meals); sense of belonging; raw sexuality, body pleasure (including loving being alive in your body), body knowledge, instinctual knowing, inner-security, and foundation of Self; wisely using earth gifts (e.g., essential oils, crystals, metals, minerals, plant essences).

Balances: Feeling energetically; feeling cut off and isolated; ambivalence towards life; poverty consciousness; substance abuse, or any type of drastic escapism; sex for any type of "exchange" or to "feel;" not living in a sustainable way that supports the earth; being stuck, overly pragmatic, stubborn, or entrenched in a way of being; only believing what one understands through the physical senses; self-deception.

Tiger's Eye for Prithvi - This stone stimulates kundalini energy, encouraging it to rise in a healthful way, due to its grounding, protective, and stabilizing properties. Tiger's eye has been used since ancient times to ward off dangerous energy, including unconscious thought forms, intentional black magic, and other destabilizing energies; a keynote for this stone is protection. It also collects and collates scattered energy, grounding one and providing sustainable energy to finish projects, ultimately allowing one to manifest one's will on the physical plane. It also helps an addictive personality make changes in their routine and their life. [Also see the corresponding Tattvas Oil for Earth].

Panchatattva, by Candice Covington
Spiralbound $14.95
Panchatattva: Karma & The Metaphysics of The Five Great Elements - The Tattvas methodology as laid out in this manual allows one to directly access the deepest, most primodial and hidden aspects of Self, the very energetic causation patterns that set all behaviors and thoughts into motion--the very root of our existence. The tattvas are the energy that animate each chakra and cuase our doshas (physical-energetic constitutional types) to form. They are the energetic skeletal structure that creates and sustains every aspect of our human existence. In understanding how each tattva operates and behaves, we can recognize their influence; by understanding how to access and work with them, we can ultimately free ourselves from any manipulation of free will and direct al of Self towards correcting the causation patterns of these elements.

About the Author: Candice Covington is a certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), body and energy worker, and a long-time student of ancient alchemical systems. She is a former instructor for Ashmead College in Ayurvedic Modalities and Aromatherapy, and former Panchakarma Practitioner for The Chopra Center for Well Being. Divine Archetypes is relocating to Sydney, Australia to support the unfolding of the next stage of product development.

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