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Divine Archetypes Amulets and Essential Oils:
Amplification Practices

by Candice Covington

Tattvas Amulet and Oil Divine Archetype's Tattvas elemental amulet collection in conjunction with the elemental essential oils incorporates the energetic properties of archetypal shapes and colors, plants, and the energetic properties of metals and gems.

For detailed information on the specific actions for each unique elemental amulet and stone see http://www.pureenergyrx.com/tattvas-amulets.html.

These amulets provide additional dimensions to a healing practice allowing one to direct energy with incredible precision: moreover the very act of preparing, anointing, and wearing an amulet is a soothing, centering practice that supports your conscious efforts to direct your deepest aspects of Self.

The following briefly describes the energetic properties of gold, silver, and copper, to help one understand what metal would support ones growth path. As you will see an Earth amulet in silver is very different than one in gold or copper.

Energetic Traits: Refinement, divine masculine, helps make conscious, expression of understanding, master healer, eases depression and lethargy, alignment to spirit, stimulates the left-brain, purported to stimulate the general rejuvenation of the whole body as a system, hot and dry, vibrates to the Sun.

Affects on the Doshas: Stabilizes vata (when used in small amounts), increases pitta, reduces kapha.

Energetic Traits: Introspection, opening to divine feminine, exploration of the unknown, alignment with soul, stimulates the emotional bodies and right-brained unstructured creativity and expression. Cold and moist vibrates to the Moon.

Affects on the Doshas: Balances vata (when used in small amounts), reduces pitta, increases kapha

Energetic Traits: Self-awareness, "rewiring" ones system allowing one to make authentic change and helping to bridge all aspects of self so that a much great level of interaction and connection is available. Is purported to work on the brain, pituitary and pineal gland. Helps one understand the relationship betweens matter and energy. Vibrates to Venus.

Affects on the Doshas: Reduces kapha, amplifies pitta and stabilizes vata.

Anointing the element amulets with elemental essential oils is a dynamic way to stimulate, heal, open, and work with these energies in the body. Creating a healing practice around an amulet is rather straightforward, and involves simply blending your chosen essential oil(s) with a base oil, anointing your chosen amulet(s) (and the corresponding chakra center, if you choose), and using an affirmation to set your intent.

Of course, there are many ways to combine this information to form a practice. The following are a few suggestions. Keep in mind that, like personal body types, most of nature does not organize as a single element, so look for secondary elements that support your goal:

  • You can match element (amulet) to element (essential oil) to amplify a specific energy you want to work with. For example, if you want to invoke fire energy to support a new undertaking, you could pair a gold Fire amulet with Kaffir Lime Leaf essential oil (air/fire). This is a dynamic pairing for stimulating the mental body (fire), invoking new thought (air) with increased/sustained logic, comprehension, synthesis and expression of the idea (fire).
  • You can mix the elements to bring about a desired effect. Remember that each essential oil and amulet has its own specific signature (vibrational pattern) in addition to its elemental arrangement. For example, you might anoint a silver Ether amulet, which holds the energy of a portal into the deep mysteries/void, with Massoia Bark essential oil (earth/water/air), with the specific intent to utilize the plant's vibrational pattern of being a dynamic catalyst for "peeling back the layers of the false Self." You could use this amulet/oil pairing in meditations that require more than the logical mind, such as the koan, "What is my original face?"
  • If you are saturated with too much of a specific element, you can redirect the energy. For example, if you have too much earth energy, you might feel stuck and stagnant. To move this energy, you would first access the muladhara (earth) center, by anointing an amulet with a metal/alloy that reduces the earth element (copper); then, anoint yourself and the amulet with an essential oil featuring fire, water, air, or ether to promote movement in the desired direction. You might choose the desired direction of movement by asking, "What do I want to foster-creativity (water), comprehension of spiritual topics (ether), dynamic action (fire), etc.?" and then selecting the essential oil that supports the pattern(s) you want to use.
  • You can use the essential oils to balance the specific energy of the metal an amulet is made from, if it is not in complete harmony with your body type. For example, silver's energy is cold and moist; vata is also cold, but dry. If a dominant vata type wants to wear the silver Water amulet for exploration of subconscious emotional patterns (silver/water rules emotions and the unconscious/subconscious), the cold of the metal could become aggravating. To offset this, you could anoint the silver amulet with an essential oil featuring the fire element, as this brings heat. The energetic signature of the oil should also support the overall objective.
Doshas It is very tempting to think of ones major energetic systems: the chakras, doshas, and Tattvas in abstract terms. In truth, however, they are the silent motivators for all we do. The more you explore your personal makeup, the less likely you are to be manipulated by your elemental components. For example, I am a vata/kapha body type, and within that I evolve more from air/ether/water and lack much earth. The way I process is heavily influenced by this elemental arrangement. I am naturally very creative and intuitive (air/ether/water), have a healthy inner child (water/air), and am drawn to work with the emotions (water/air) and the subtle Self (ether). I also dread routine (air) and have a hard time getting my ideas out of my mind and onto paper (air), but easily translate concepts into daily practice (water).

Since that elemental combination is not always beneficial, I employ many tools to help me energetically craft my elemental makeup, so that I can live the most wholesome life possible, in the moment. Since I do not naturally have much fire or earth in my makeup, I often stimulate these energies.

Where my thought builds upon but parts from traditional Ayurvedic philosophy and incorporates a Jungian/alchemical flavor is--sometimes saturating oneself with a specific dominant element to force a growth spurt is required. For example, as established I have a heavy Air incarnation and adding additional Air from an Ayurvedic lens would be contraindicated. Although recently, I have been dreaming about Air and a major shift/move is in the works for me, so I know I need that formlessness added with true inspiration to take me to my next step. Sometimes one needs to push "imbalance" for growth.

Going back to my lack of Fire and Earth example, I can bring my field into balance when I am writing or in a formulation period by using the amulets and essential oils that cultivate fire and earth energy. The Fire amulet in gold gives rise to dynamic action, sharp intellect (ruling the left brain and conventional intelligence) and the bravery of exposing Self. The shadow side of my vata makeup includes being shy to the point of hiding. That is one of my most significant elemental challenges. I anoint the Fire amulet with Kaffir Lime Leaf essential oil to infuse myself with fire energy. This oil helps me overcome the bondage of personally imposed limitations--thoughts like, "I could never do that," "That is out of my league," or, "What if they don't like my idea?" It severs those negative energetic cords.

To help you create your own practice, the following is a general guideline for making an anointing oil blend, applying it to an amulet, and using an affirmation for focused intent. This is a single-serving size, since part of the practice is to connect to and be present with the energy you are working within the moment.

1 Tablespoon base oil
1 drop Tattvas essential oil
1 Tattvas amulet

Tattvas Essential Oil Pour the base oil into a small, ritually consecrated bowl. Add 1 drop of Tattvas essential oil. Mix with the finger whose signature resonates with the energy you are invoking (see the Finger Signatures section in Panchatattva: Karma and the Metaphysics of The Five Great Elements), using your right hand if using a gold amulet or your left hand for a silver one. Thoroughly anoint the back of your Tattvas amulet with the oil mixture as you recite a personal affirmation for the energy you are asking to work with. When you are finished, gently buff your amulet to a shine with a clean, soft cloth.

As an example affirmation, when anointing my Fire amulet, I say, "Please help me cultivate single-pointed concentration for my project, grant me the intelligence to see and understand all relevant perspectives, and help me find the words to express what needs to be said clearly. Thank you." I then put my amulet on with the conviction that my internal elements are organizing themselves to perfectly support the invoked energy pattern of the Fire element.

For more information on creating a full practice with the Tattvas Amulets and Essential Oils please see http://www.pureenergyrx.com/tattvas-oils.html#panchatattva

About the Author: Candice Covington is a certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), body and energy worker, and a long-time student of ancient alchemical systems. She is a former instructor for Ashmead College in Ayurvedic Modalities and Aromatherapy, and former Panchakarma Practitioner for The Chopra Center for Well Being. Divine Archetypes is relocating to Sydney, Australia to support the unfolding of the next stage of product development.

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