Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine: New Paradigms, New Technologies, New Possibilities

Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD; Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN; Robert C. Eanes


Subtle Energy's Interaction With the Human Body

To further explore the effect of Subtle Energy on the human body, we need to take closer look at the Subtle Energy structure of the body. This structure contains a system of meridians, which are conductors of the Subtle Energy flow, and a number of chakras, which are the Subtle Energy centers of the body. The structure and function of the chakras was described with amazing detail in books dated back to the beginning of the last century. [20,21] Modern day researchers have also analyzed chakras and meridians from many perspectives [22, 23].

For millennia, the practice of Oriental medicine has unequivocally demonstrated that Subtle Energy—called Chi by the Chinese—plays the role of an energetic communication system for the processes in our body on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. This is why the knowledge of how to regulate the flow of Chi in the body can be used for the maintenance of good health as well as for treating dysfunction on any level.

It also stands to reason that the Subtle Energy structure of the body may at times need to be properly re-energized with a form of pure "energy food" to effectively support the physical body and prevent dysfunction. The need for pure energy food has become extremely important in our times. Chemical pollution, stress, lack of nutrients in our food and other destructive factors damage our physiology and deplete our energy system. Additionally, electromagnetic pollution produces "noise" in the Subtle Energy field, which interferes with the body's entire energy system, the meridians and chakras. Consequently, nurturing the body's energy system is much more important today than it was in the past. It is obvious that the Subtle Energy system may need "energy supplements" in the same way the physical body needs vitamins and minerals. Effects of Using ‘Energy Supplements' on the Body

To test the concept of Subtle Energy supplementation on the body, a clinical analysis was necessary. Three main objectives for the clinical trials were identified:

     1. To validate the theory that "energy food" in the form of Subtle Energy–infused solutions could have a very positive and powerful effect on the body's energy systems and on the physical condition of patients. And that these results would be measurable and quantifiable improvements in health.

     2. To be absolutely certain the solutions were not only effective, but also safe to use.

     3. To receive data and insights that would help answer the question: How does Subtle Energy work on the body?

Initially, four solutions were prepared in a base liquid containing an identical concentrated trace minerals solution. Each of the four solutions was then "infused" with a specific, different Subtle Energy pattern using Dr. Kronn's Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator (SEFIG). These Subtle Energy-infused mineral solutions were labeled Foundation, Stress Relief, Immune Support and Thymus.

Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, a leading practitioner in the emerging field of Energy Medicine, began using these four Subtle Energy formulas the spring of 2000 in the first clinical trials. Throughout the course of the clinical trial period, each patient received an HRV Pre-Test (Heart Rate Variability), to determine the patient's current physical condition*, followed by a basic EAV/EDS (Electro-Acupuncture According to Dr. Voll/Electro-Dermal Screening using the Avatar Testing System) assessment of the energetic functional level of the body's primary meridians. The EAV assessment tested the 21-left/right paired, standard "Voll" end points to energetically determine which of the four solutions had the broadest effect in "balancing" the patient's acupuncture meridians and their entire energy system.

Each patient then received a single, low-dose application of 2 to10 drops of the appropriate Subtle Energy formula diluted in 6 oz of water. Dosing was followed by a second Heart Rate Variability test to measure the change in the HRV parameters regarding the patient's physiology.

* NOTE: See the "Appendix A" for a detailed explanation of Heart Rate Variability testing and the parameters measured. Examining the Results of the Clinical Trials

Our interest in HRV, in particular, was that it is an indispensable tool for measuring the potentiality of success of clinical treatment. As a clinical research tool, it can be used to monitor the success or potential success of any therapeutic program or single therapy by:

     1. Determining any specific treatment's effectiveness in relieving symptoms.

     2. Documenting outcomes.

The HRV pretest is used to determine the current condition of the patient (establish a baseline). The HRV post-test confirms a treatment program's probability of success. The potentiality of success is measured by analyzing changes in the data after dosing. Successful therapies typically show an immediate positive shift in the HRV ratings after dosing. If a positive shift in the HRV analysis is not observed, other strategies and assessments may need to be explored.

By the end of the second week of the trial period, analysis of repeated HRV tests, consistently demonstrated that only a few drops of a Subtle Energy formula could considerably improve HRV values within minutes. There seemed to be a powerful autonomic nervous system response demonstrated in the HRV post-tests. Almost every patient had significant, observable, positive shifts in most of their HRV measurements. Even patients with a long history of unresponsiveness to most treatment modalities showed significant, positive responses which were previously difficult to achieve.

To further validate and substantiate these initial results and eliminate the possibility of a placebo effect, a secondary, scientific method was developed to verify the effect of Pure Energy Rx on the patient population. Samples of the carrier solution prepared without any Subtle Energy pattern infusion were used as a control. A standard HRV pre-test was conducted on each patient. Patients received a dose of the uninfluenced carrier solution to see if it had any significant effect by itself. An HRV post-test followed. The results of the post-tests using the solution without a Subtle Energy- infused pattern verified conclusively that there was no consistent positive or negative influence when using the carrier solution by itself.

Following this procedure, each patient then received, at the same dosage level as the uninfluenced carrier solution, one of the four Subtle Energy infused solutions. The HRV exam was repeated. A consistent, positive and often dramatic influence on the Autonomic Nervous System from the use of the appropriate formula infused with a particular Subtle Energy pattern was observed and documented.

By following this protocol repeatedly, a sizeable database on the physiological effects of Subtle Energy on the Autonomic Nervous System was created. Over time, quantifiable patterns of influence began to emerge. Dramatic, rapid shifts occurred in many or all of the measurements obtained through the HRV tests. The positive effect of the Subtle Energy patterns in these formulas on the individual's physiology seemed to be unquestionable.

How Did They Do It?

One question remained, however, in the minds of those working with the solutions: How did they work? How did they affect so many dramatic changes in previously difficult cases? The data showed that it possibly could be one of two things:

     1. Internal energy was being reorganized, unblocked or redistributed more efficiently throughout the body.

     2. There was a net addition of energy to the system through energy supplementation acting as an external source.

The answer, of course, based upon Dr. Kronn's work and that of a number of other research scientists, was that a combination of the two processes was occurring. Internal energy was being unblocked and reorganized while external Subtle Energy was being added. This combination had a significant, positive effect on a patient's physical condition. More important than all the data was the consistent opinion that these patients felt better than they had in years.

These Subtle Energy infused solutions comprised the first clinical treatment method to combine, in one formula, both internal and external energy to affect the body's physiology in a very positive way. The Pure Energy Rx achieved consistent, measurable, widespread, beneficial results and these results could not be attributed to a placebo effect or coincidence. Ninety percent of the case study patients experienced significant, positive measurable results while only eight percent of the patients showed minimal responses or no shift at all. Less than two percent of the patients experienced negative shifts in any of the HRV measurements, and these decreases were never significant.

It should be noted that prior to dosing with Subtle Energy formulas, many of these patients had experienced significant negative responses to therapy involving vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, herbs, pharmaceuticals, chiropractic adjustment, massage, laser treatment, electrical stimulation and magnetic therapy. The Subtle Energy formulas showed a clearly advantageous effect on most patients with conditions previously unresponsive to treatment. The results spoke very strongly of the safety in using Subtle Energy-infused products in clinical practice.

Seeking Significant Patterns in the Data

In order to make a more accurate assessment of Subtle Energy influences and to determine what types of patients responded most effectively to Subtle Energy stimulation, the patients were grouped by the duration and severity of their condition. The intake exam for the patients included a complete lifetime case history of all traumas, infections, injuries, emotional stressors and their current physiological, psychological and emotional states. Many of these patients were already under medical care though they were not having success with the traditional protocols prescribed for them. Many had suffered a lifetime of illness, ineffectively dealing with stressors in their life, whether from chemical, environmental, physical, mental or emotional causes. Their diseases were a failure of their body systems to adapt to stress.

These patients were categorized by their initial HRV exam into three primary groups according to their level of autonomic stress: Acute, Intermediate and Chronic/Degenerative. There were ten Subtle Energy formulas used in the final clinical trials: Acute Immune, Foundation, Golden Warmer, Harmony, Immune Support, Rejuvenation, Stress Relief, Thymus, Tranquility and Clear Mind. Each one of these patient groups tended to respond best to specific Subtle Energy formulas.

Chronic-Degenerative Case Studies

Chronic-Degenerative patients generally suffer from severe conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. These cases tend to be the most difficult conditions to treat. These patients typically have a Physiological Functional Level rating below 9.6 (9.6 - 13.7) on the Health Express scale (Appendix A).

Chronic-Degenerative cases most frequently required the use of Rejuvenation or Foundation, which added a spectrum of energy into the system. Very often, in long-standing chronic cases, patients develop a psychological/emotional syndrome, which at some point evolved in order to protect the individual from the severe damage of the long term, chronic condition. So in these cases the underlying emotional adaptation may need to be addressed first. These cases most often required the use of Tranquility and Thymus to initiate the reorganization of the dysfunctional, psychological energy patterns. These formulas consistently demonstrated a positive effect on clearing deep-seated, psychological and emotional conditions out of the body.

In the Chronic-Degenerative cases, the use of the suggested Subtle Energy infused solutions produced small but positive movements in the energy factors of the HRV test. Initial testing showed response changes of up to a 25 percent shift in the myocardial response, along with decreases or elevations in heart rate (whichever response was a movement towards normal) as well as improvements in the tension index and the total power of high frequency and low frequency stimulation from the brain to the myocardium (see Appendix A, CHMR, Ti, and Spectral Analysis).

Because of the extreme physiological fatigue these patients typically did not perceive a feeling of an energy or vitality change, yet the positive effects were observable via the HRV testing. Thus the Subtle Energy formulas were benefiting them regardless of whether they perceived a physical difference. Over the course of extended therapy, these types of individuals generally do not perceive changes in physical energy until they move into a moderate rating on the physical fitness scale of 7.5 to 9.5.

The case study below is an example of the results of using a Subtle Energy formula on a Chronic-Degenerative patient. The parameters and measurements indicated are from the HRV pretest and posttest:

Bruce R. 6-5-01
Male. 63 years old.

Condition: Neurogenic dysautonomia due to radiation of the throat damaging carotid baro and chemo receptors.

Received radiation in 1997 for cancer of the throat.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of 11 drops of Harmony

Heart Rate supine 54 60 + 6
Heart Rate upright 52 75 +23/VS
Tension Index supine 145 55 + 90/VS
Tension Index upright 200 145 + 55/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 13 11 + 2
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 10 14 + 4
CHMR .92 1.04 - 12
Vascular Compliance .89 1.28 - 39/VS
Current Physical Fitness 9.7 9.7 NC
Parasympathetic -2.5 -1.0 + 1.5
Sympathetic -2.5 .5 + 3.0/VS
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
- = Negative shift/movement away from normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No Change

In this example, the patient had suffered for 5 years from complications resulting from cancer radiation therapy in the throat. Dosing with 10 drops of Harmony in 6 oz. of water resulted in an immediate and significant positive change in his standing heart rate, which had been chronically depressed. After an infusion of Subtle Energy this patient's blood pressure dropped from 170/110 down to 150/90. It should be noted that prior to therapy with the Pure Energy Rx, this patient had undergone over 30 consecutive heart rate studies (halter monitor). Consistently this patient demonstrated abnormal cardio/neurological responses but for the first time, after only one dose of Harmony, this patient exhibited significant improvement in cardiac response (blood pressure) as well as normal physiological response in autonomic functional balance as reflected by HRV testing.

Intermediate Case Studies

Patients in the Intermediate category suffered from psychological and physical conditions such as depression, intermittent fatigue ranging from mild to moderate, major disease in minor organs or minor disease in major organs (high blood pressure, neurological symptoms, controlled diabetes, pain syndromes, etc.). Their Physiological Functional Level had values from 7.4 to 9.5. These individuals had significant overall energy deficiency, though they did have some reserve capacity which, when it becomes unblocked, can help the body respond normally and rapidly to more standard interventions.

Intermediate cases usually required the use of Stress Relief combined with Immune Support, Foundation or Rejuvenation. These formulas worked effectively in combination to add energy and to unblock or reorganize moderately disturbed energy systems. Patients in the Intermediate category usually realized the most dramatic physical results. In these cases, the patient's energy system was capable of responding to therapy intervention. Positive changes in heart rate and energy response corresponded with acknowledged physical change. This outcome is demonstrated in the following case study, which involved a 49-year-old woman who was athletic but suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. The patient walked into the office with two leg braces and a pelvic brace and was having substantial difficulty walking. After one dose with two Subtle Energy formulas, Rejuvenation and Foundation, she walked out of the office on her own, without any braces. Within a week, she played 18 holes of golf, walking the full course.

Marg D. 5-17-01
Female. 49 years old. Athletic.

Condition: MS, severe neurogenic synaptic dyskinesia, gait disorder.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of 5 drops each of Rejuvenation & Foundation in 6 oz of water.

Heart Rate supine 65 56 +9/S
Heart Rate upright 77 65 +12/S
Tension Index supine 90 82 +8
Tension Index upright 53 21 +32/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 31 32 NC
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 28 30 NC
CHMR .66 .64 NC
Vascular Compliance .72 .78 +6
Current Physical Fitness 5.4 5.4 NC
Parasympathetic .5 .5 NC
Sympathetic .5 .5 NC
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No change

This patient experienced an immediate, significant and lasting physiological change after receiving just 5 drops each of Rejuvenation and Foundation. The test results illustrate dramatic improvement in resting and upright heart rates. The improvement in the Tension Index and Vascular Compliance values indicates a substantial shift in this patient's utilization of energy. This is an excellent example of an individual responding in a very positive way due to the Subtle Energy formulas reorganizing and utilizing the energy reserves she already possessed.

Acute Case Study

Acute patients were those suffering from a recent injury, an infection or a personal emotional loss. These patients had conditions such as recent, severe dental pain, an infection or a recent physical trauma resulting from an accident or an injury. Others were suffering from severe emotional trauma such as a recent divorce, the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, severe financial strain or a combination of these factors.

Acute conditions typically responded to Acute Immune stimulation combined with Harmony or Stress Relief. This group saw the most dramatic changes in the HRV measurements after introducing a Subtle Energy solution into the body. In some cases, heart rates dropped up to 30 beats per minute within fifteen minutes after dosing. These remarkable results could in part be attributed to pain relief, resulting in a decrease of cardiac stimulation from the nervous system.

In the following study the patient was experiencing recent symptoms from an acute dental infection. It should be noted that the patient was under long-term care for CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue):

Jeffrey B. - 3/27/01
Male. 28 years old.

Condition: Long-term care patient for CFIDS. CFIDS condition stable and in remission.

Experiencing acute dental infection with purulent exudates and sinusitis.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of Harmony and Acute Immune.

Heart Rate supine 55 51 +4
Heart Rate upright 68 61 +7
Tension Index supine 71 29 +42
Tension Index upright 233 42 +191/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 29 37 +8
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 14 31 +17/VS
CHMR .65 .58 +8/VS
Vascular Compliance .80 .69 +11/VS
Current Physical Fitness 8.4 3.2 +5.2/VS
Parasympathetic 0 1.0 +1
Sympathetic 0 0 NC
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No change

This example demonstrates a normally balanced Autonomic Nervous System (Parasympathetic and Sympathetic values) with blocked neurological regulation due to acute, bacterial infection stress. In this case, the two Subtle Energy formulas, Harmony and Acute Immune had a significant effect on the POV parameter. The patient's perceived energy gain is shown by a huge shift in the physical fitness rating from 8.4 to 3.2. This case is significant in that it demonstrates the positive effect of applying Subtle Energy formulas on blocked regulation.


After reviewing all of these patients' results, Chronic-Degenerative, Intermediate and Acute, what is most interesting about the Subtle Energy influence was that across the board and regardless of the category or condition, we observed consistent positive responses. Positive shifts were observed in most of the HRV parameters, particularly in the relationship of Sympathetic to Parasympathetic response. It should be noted that in cases where the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic values fall in the normal range, changes in these values tend not to occur; however, significant improvements were consistently registered in other key HRV values. Shifts in heart rate, myocardial response, high frequency and low frequency neurological function, total power and vascular compliance were observed repeatedly. Positive reactions in reserve capacity and physical fitness measurements were seen consistently. Currently, the results of hundreds of similar case studies including long-term therapy results are being categorized for statistical analysis.

It stands to reason, if one can provide positive influence to the Autonomic Nervous System as viewed by the HRV parameters, keeping in mind that the Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for 99.9% of all life functions, the use of a Subtle Energy formula to induce/initiate improvement of the ANS system can significantly improve one's physiology and thus one's quality of life.

One of the major observations on the use of Subtle Energy formulas over time is its ability to enhance the biological actions of all other therapeutic modalities. In many cases once patients had sufficient Energetic Influence induced and supplied by a Subtle Energy formula they began to utilize homeopathic, herbal, nutritional remedies and pharmaceuticals in a more predictable and beneficial way. The data shows there was a decrease in paradoxical reactions to all forms of therapeutic intervention with the influence of Subtle Energy formulas.

Where Do We Go From Here?

With the introduction of Dr. Kronn's Subtle Energy technology we now have a practical source of energy available to help the body heal and rejuvenate in ways that previously existed only in the domain of a theory. We also have a practical method of applying and sending this energy into a depleted system in a very effective and safe way. And although Subtle Energy may not be observed directly through technology we have today we can observe its beneficial, biological effects through testing monitors like HRV.

The organizational power of Subtle Energy which exists within the smallest molecular structures observed in physics can now be used to unblock, organize and influence the flow of energy throughout the body and between each cell, enhancing an individual's quality of well being. It is important that we continue to observe the physiological and psychological effects of Subtle Energy intervention on the body and to add the use of other assessment tools possibly such as contact thermography, dark-field microscopy, autonomic response testing, pulse diagnosis, EMG and EEG to measure the effects of these formulas on health conditions. The more we know about the widespread use and effects of Subtle Energy formulations on human physiology the more sure we will be to make further contributions to health and beneficial therapeutic application.

If we are to extend the paradigm of health and wellness to include optimal physiological function, then organizing and revitalizing the energy system of the body cannot be excluded. As we gain insights into the complex interaction of biological systems with Subtle Energy patterns, the achievement of superb, radiant health will become increasingly clear and possible. The use of Subtle Energy-infused formulas in treating human physiology offers a new model in medical therapy. A new paradigm and frontier in the practice of Energy Medicine is here. Subtle Energy patterns may one day help us recognize that we have a Fountain of Youth in our hands.

Additional Case Studies

Use of Acute Immune + Harmony
In addition to the case study shown on page 22, the following four cases used the same intervention of Harmony and Acute Immune. All five demonstrate the positive effect of the same two Subtle Energy formulas on five diverse clinical issues.


Joel M. - 6/4/01
Male. 21 years old.

Condition: Severe, degenerative rheumatoid arthritis since 7 years old. From head to foot, skin very painful to the touch. Implanted morphine pump. Deep psychological trauma resulting from continual pain.

Experiencing sleep disturbance and occasional hallucinations.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of Harmony and Acute Immune.

Heart Rate supine 50 48 NC
Heart Rate upright 105 93 + 12
Tension Index supine 24 29 -5
Tension Index upright 415 71 + 344/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 32 31 NC
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 8 22 + 14/VS
CHMR .40 .40 NC
Vascular Compliance .82 .78 +4
Current Physical Fitness 9, 1 5, 1 + 4, 0
Parasympathetic .5 .5 NC
Sympathetic 1.5 0 + 1.5
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No change

In this patient case, the two Subtle Energy formulas, Harmony and Acute Immune, induced relaxation of the sympathetic tone even in the presence of morphine medication. All changes in this case are very substantial due to the significant regulatory blockage induced by morphine. Due to the long-term degenerative condition, the patient perceived about a 15% improvement in lowering the level of pain although the numbers indicated a much greater level of general improvement.


Helen B. - 5/9/01
Female. 63 years old.

Condition – Bells Palsy, nausea, weight loss, depression, extreme fatigue. Chronic tachycardia. Allergic reaction to dental material.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of 9 drops each of Harmony & Acute Immune in 6 oz of water.

Heart Rate supine 108 88 +20/VS
Heart Rate upright 127 99 +28/VS
Tension Index supine -- -- --
Tension Index upright 840 736 +104/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 3 1 -2
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 0 1 +1
CHMR .83 .89 NC
Vascular Compliance .93 .96 NC
Current Physical Fitness 11.7 11.7 NC
Parasympathetic -4, 0 -3, 5 +0.5
Sympathetic 3.5 2.5 +1
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NS = Not statistically significant

In this patient case the two Subtle Energy formulas, Harmony and Acute Immune, broke the inflammation pattern of the dental condition and initiated positive changes in resting heart rate. After the initial treatment, she felt hungry enough to eat a whole meal for the first time in six months. Her mental/emotional state improved and she returned to normal eating patterns. After 2 follow-up visits, she had maintained this appetite stability.


Barton H. - 5/30/01
Male. 52 years old.

Condition: Chronic fatigue along with a six months duration of gingival pain syndrome following dental surgery.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of Harmony and Acute Immune.

Heart Rate supine 88 73 + 15/VS
Heart Rate upright 103 79 +24/VS
Tension Index supine 610 213 +397/VS
Tension Index upright 739 320 +419/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 1 11 +10/VS
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 0 5 +5
CHMR .78 .79 NC
Vascular Compliance .90 .84 + 6
Current Physical Fitness 11, 6 9, 6 +2
Parasympathetic -4.0 -2.0 +2/VS
Sympathetic 2.5 1.0 +1.5/VS
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No Change

In this patient case, the two Subtle Energy formulas, Harmony and Acute Immune, influenced significant positive shifts in all parameters with significant drops in heart rate. These physiological improvements also attributed to a significant reduction of the inflammation response. The patient reported minimal dental pain and an overall increase in perceived energy as well as systemic relaxation.


Michele K. - 4/23/01
Female. 28 years old.

Condition: Acute pain. Acute Dental Condition from an infected tooth.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of 7 drops each of Harmony & Acute Immune in 6 oz of water.

Heart Rate supine 64 60 +4
Heart Rate upright 72 68 +4
Tension Index supine 73 172 +99/VS
Tension Index upright 115 134 +19
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 25 24 NC
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 14 29 +15/VS
CHMR .64 .58 +6
Vascular Compliance .65 .65 NC
Current Physical Fitness 5.3 6.3 +1, 0
Parasympathetic -.5 -.5 NC
Sympathetic .5 .5 NC
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NS = Not statistically significant

In this patient case, the two Subtle Energy formulas, Harmony and Acute Immune, influenced a significant and immediate reduction in pain. This pain was caused from inflammation in the mouth due to an infected tooth.

Use of Clear Mind + Acute Immune

In this additional case study intervention with Clear Mind and Acute Immune demonstrated remarkable positive effects on the following patient.

Chronic - Degenerative

Pat M. - 6/27/01
Female: 57 years old.

Condition: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lime's Disease, Sleep Apnea.

Posttest: A few minutes after dose of 10 drops each of Clear Mind & Acute Immune in 6 oz of water.

Heart Rate supine 69 58 +11 /VS
Heart Rate upright 72 64 +8
Tension Index supine 279 47 +232 /VS
Tension Index upright 788 108 +680 /VS
Optimum Variability (POV) supine 11 27 +16 /VS
Optimum Variability (POV) upright 1 25 +24 /VS
CHMR .82 .75 +7
Vascular Compliance .83 .81 +2
Current Physical Fitness 10, 6 6, 5 +4, +1 VS
Parasympathetic -2.5 0 VS
Sympathetic 0.5 -0.5 +1
+ = Positive change/movement towards normal parameters
VS = Very significant
NC = No change

In this patient case, the two Subtle Energy formulas, Clear Mind and Acute Immune influenced significant neurological improvements. The patient remarked on a substantial increase in vitality and energy, her sleeping disorder improved immediately to the point where she now sleeps restfully and wakes refreshed. Her HRV results showed nearly unbelievable improvement in cardiac function and efficiency.

About The Authors

Dr. Yury Kronn, Ph.D.
Dr. Yury Kronn is a world-renowned research scientist, inventor, theoretician, Human Rights activist and organizer. Most recently he invented the Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator (SEFIG). SEFIG offers a unique technology that imprints Subtle Energy patterns into concentrated trace minerals to realize a significant and immediate, beneficial effect upon the body.

In 2001, Dr. Kronn joined with Bob Eanes and Dr. Jeff Marrongelle to market a unique line of Subtle Energy-infused products. This bio-energetic, nine-formula line is called Vital Force Formulas™. These formulations can be used independently or in combination with other products. The Vital Force Formulas™ product line is sold exclusively to healthcare professionals in the U.S. and Canada through EnergiMed.

Robert C. Eanes
Bob Eanes is a successful business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, designer of the Avatar System, the most advanced EAV/EDS Hardware and Software System available today and the inventor of the BTA Testing System and co-founder of R2 Medical Technologies (makers of the BTA testing system). He is also an experienced medical technology educator and advanced trainer in the use of EAV/EDS diagnostic equipment.

Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, D.C., C.C.N.
Jeffrey L. Marrongelle is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and an accomplished Homotoxicologist, who successfully integrates Energy Medicine, bio-nutritional supplementation, complex Homeopathy, herbal drainage remedies, structural modalities and advanced computer technology to assist his patients with a wide range of chronic and serious conditions.

Dr. Marrongelle is co-author of the Stress Less Eating Plan with Dr. Gregory Ellis, Ph.D. He is an entrepreneur and developer of his own line of bio-nutritionals and serves on the boards of Complimed, Inc., Proper Nutrition, Inc. (the makers of Seacure) and Capitol University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C.

For More Information: OFFICE: 800-341-7458 FAX: 541-830-0119. EMAIL: dryury@energytoolsint.com

Appendix A

Heart Rate Variability used as a Testing Tool
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a computerized, qualitative assessment of the functional level of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). HRV was developed on scientific, medical research conducted in Russia, Germany, France and the United States over the last 30 years. For patient testing, Dr. Marrongelle uses the Nerve Express/ Health Express HRV Testing System, created by Dr. Alexander Riftine, Ph.D. The Nerve Express/ Health Express HRV Testing System is a "leading edge" yet practical example of modern day HRV technology. The Nerve Express/ Health Express Testing System utilizes advanced statistical/spectral analysis and "artificial intelligence" computer math models to analyze the relationship of heartbeat time interval variance (from heartbeat to heartbeat) to ANS functional levels and to the body's overall functional health. Testing conducted at the Columbia University Medical Center confirmed Nerve Express/Health Express HRV Testing System to be over 95% reliable and accurate in its assessment of the ANS compared to HRV industry standards.

As a functional assessment tool, the Nerve Express/ Health Express HRV Testing System is non-invasive and relatively simple to use. Two HRV tests are performed on each patient—one prior to electrodermal screening and one after dosing. The patient lies down for the first portion of the test. This is followed by a one-minute stress period in which the patient stands up quickly and remains standing for the final portion of the test. The total test duration is about 6 to 7 minutes.

The test reflects many components: measurements in heart rate resting and standing, the relationship of sympathetic to parasympathetic response, myocardial response, adrenal response, high frequency and low frequency neurological function, total power, vascular compliance, reserve capacity and overall physical fitness. These measurements are shown on the screen as two reports: NERVE EXPRESS and HEALTH EXPRESS.

The NERVE EXPRESS report is used to evaluate the entire Autonomic Nervous System, the functional nervous system of the body that controls the variability of one's heart rate. The ANS has two components: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The report indicates how the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic systems control myocardial response in positional stress.

Each system's strength is plotted on an x/y axis to show the relationship of sympathetic to parasympathetic control. There are 64 possible relationships between the two components. The clinical objective is to administer a predictable intervention of sympathetic or parasympathetic tone towards a more positive state of balance. The functional state of the ANS is absolutely relative to the patient's present clinical condition and it is invaluable for the modern clinician to have a thorough, working knowledge of the autonomic response.

The HEALTH EXPRESS function of HRV testing reports a number of parameters regarding functional health:

1. General Fitness Level: Measures the body's overall physical fitness level and adaptive reserves based upon the patient's ANS. The ANS is responsible for the coordination and maintenance of an individual's ability to sustain energy and perform work. The overall Physical Fitness Level is separated into several parameters.

2. The Physiological Functional Level: A representation of the general level of vitality or conversely the level of fatigue.

3. The Adaptive Reserve: A functional representation of the body's ability to sustain work and cope with stress. In this case stress is any level of intervention to the body and can include emotional and psychological stress, physical exertion, the stress of an illness or even the stress or treatment program.

4. The Physical Fitness Level: Depicted by a graph measuring 13 Physiological Functional Levels (horizontal axis) by 7 levels of Physiological Functional Level (vertical axis). The functional level indicates the current energy status of the body from an optimal value 1.1 ([1] indicating the Physiological Functional Level and [.1] the Physiological Functional Level) to 13.7 the poorest value ([13] for the Physiological Functional Level and [7] for the Physiological Functional Level). This analysis allows the clinician to categorize the patient according to the amount of available energy to heal. How well one is able to regenerate and recover from whatever stress load he or she is under is a dynamic dependent upon energy. One can have all the essential material in the body—all the appropriate nutrients, herbs, homeopathic solutions, etc.—yet lack the vital force to organizationally utilize all those materials. So this measurement along with the patient's initial response to any type of therapeutic intervention can be used as a good indicator of the most appropriate course of clinical treatment.

5. Heart Rate (HR) reading: Indicates the Heart Rate per minute. Both the resting and a standing Heart Rate are given along with an average of the two.

6. Tension Index (TI): Determines the tension of HRV regulation mechanisms. It is an integral index of decrease in variability. TI measurements range from 10 - 10,000.

7. Parameters of Optimum Variability (POV): Shows quantitatively how close the individual's HRV wave portrait is to the ideal. This parameter defines the deviations of a patient's variability from the ideal variability for both the supine and upright positions. This may range from a low of "0" (poor variability or no variability beat-to-beat) to a high of "38" (the most physically fit individuals ever tested).

8. Chronotropic Myocardial Response index (CHMR): Evaluates the level of cardiac adaptation reserves. Measurements range from a high chronotropic reaction of < 0.53 to a normal chronotropic reaction of 0.53 - 0.69 to a sharp decrease in reaction of > 0.81.

Vascular Compliance (VC): Reflects pliability or compliance of the vascular system. A patient's VC should be equal to or greater than CHMR. Normal is considered to be 10% greater than CHMR.

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